Amazing!!! This is a belated review as I don’t like Google, however after two months I felt compelled to overcome my Google dislike and write it as Matt was so good.Matt, who I only found through the internet turned up on time, in fact 25 minutes early but was parked waiting outside until I saw him. He is a very nice and pleasant person, extremely efficient and explains everything he is doing. We have 13 radiators, it took him about 45 minutes to get everything set up and then probably about five hours to effect a superb and thorough clean and flushing. Our system had not been cleaned since it was installed 28 years ago. The amount of crap that came out of it, and Matt shows you, was incredible. The system is so much more efficient, quieter and no cold radiators.

Matt is extremely clean and tidy and I can highly recommend him. My only disappointment …………………… it will be at least 15 years before we need to see him again!