Boiler Service Herts by Barry Haileybury

Well Matt came as we had our old back boiler removed and a new combi boiler fitted, Radiators were not getting hot downstairs for at least 45 minutes, Matt done his work and informed me of an issue that we should fix, system cleaned and a filter fitted, sludge removed system balanced and now downstairs only takes 10 minutes to heat up, I would use Matt again and would recommend, yes there are some cheaper power flush options, this has sorted out our heatin...

Central Heating Service Herts by Mick Day

Matt has power flushed my heating system and spent time and patience explaining why my system was not working as it should. What a difference it’s made no more cold house and the price was great. Matt a very big thank you no mess after you left and what a nice person as well. I would recommend Matt to anybody. I thought I needed a new boiler as told by another company so to say happy happy happy. Cheers Matt Mick

Power Flushing & Plumbing Service by Chris Fairley, Herts

Well what can I say that has not already been said by previous reviewers, I had not heard of power flushing until I was told my heating system needed a power flush because the system was clogged by "muck" which was affecting the pump, which needed changing as it had burnt out along with various sticking valves,  by my plumber who highly recommended Matt and Revive before I spent any more money on new pumps and possibly  a new boiler. Matt is a highly pro

Powerflushing for Central Heating Hitchin Herts by Ian Horsnell

Just had Matt from “Revive” who spent the whole day power flushing 12 radiators and 2 towel rails. I was amazed at the amount of muck that came out of the system, as I am having a new boiler fitted in a few weeks and I am so pleased I had this work carried out. Some of our radiators never uses to get very hot and now they are all now working perfectly as he even took the time to balance all of them. Matt has all the professional equipment to conduct this w

Central Heating Service Hatfield, Herts by Lee Goolding

Matt is a highly professional, friendly and knowledgable tradesman. Matt has an old school style to his work where he painstakingly attends to every detail of his work, uncovering and resolving issues as he goes whilst also taking the time to explain to my wife and I why he is needing to do what he has planned. Before work commenced we were aware of the costs involved and despite a very lengthy day spent with us, through no fault of his own, and irrespecti...

Central Heating Service Stevenage by Adam Serafinowicz

Absolutely fantastic job. Matt was very tidy and polite, and came across as very professional. I'd originally booked the power flush as British Gas recommended one as they couldn't fix my central heating issues. Not only did Matt do the powerflush, he also found the problem (which was the heat exchanger) and managed to clear it out! I now have working central heating, which took British Gas 5 visits and 6 engineers to fail! Revive is worth every penny!

Power Flushing Service Stevenage, Herts by Charles Carmichael

I have never written a review for a tradesperson before, but having used the services of Revive Power Flushing Welwyn, I feel that I should add my comments to all the other satisfied customers that Matt has worked for. In line with all the other positive reviews my experience was exactly as expected, high quality; professional service at a sensible price. If Matt had a motto it would have to be 'Customers Service Comes First.' If your central heating syste

Central Heating Service St Albans, Herts by Ilse Aschauer

Matt arrived on time and was very professional, clean and very thorough. Matt certainly made me feel at ease as the power flushing service took 6 hours. He certainly went the extra mile by explaining every step of the power flush central heating service. I have been in my house a few years and it has never been so warm. I would recommend Revive Power Flushing as a local professional company.

Central Heating Service St Albans, Herts by Sarah Adam

Matt came and did a power flush for us today and what a difference its made! Very professional job at an excellent price, he even sorted our hot water flow issues as well. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.